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Building lasting engagement through purpose-driven marketing

Zypti is an innovative all-in-one cause marketing platform for individuals, small businesses, and the world’s largest companies. Our mission is to provide an award-winning, cause marketing platform at a price point that allows anyone the capability to run a purpose-driven marketing campaign. Zypti incentivizes engagement in support of charities important to each member of a target audience. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to deliver not only award-winning engagement and proven ROI, but to make a real impact through the support of charities relevant to our participants and the communities they serve.

Zypti Benefits


Generate Tax Deductions

Support charities important to you and your organization and deduct, based on your tax advisor’s opinion, up to 100% of the cost.


Award Winning Marketing Platform

A patented platform that has received several awards for industry leading engagement, innovation, and ROI. Find Out More


Create Goodwill

97% of participants rank their experience with our marketing platform as either “good,” “very good,” or “excellent,” with 56% ranking it as excellent! Build stronger affinity with your target audience through Zypti.


​​Unique Purpose-Driven Outreach

An overwhelming number of consumers believe a brand should have a purpose they personally support. Utilize our platform to align your marketing with any charity of their choice. Zypti has over one million plus charities for your audience to choose from.


Connect More Frequently

We are making industry-leading engagement through our award-winning marketing platform available to all, even individuals and small business, with limited risk. Great for campaigns with low response rates or require a one-on-one conversation.

Assess Audience

Assess and Validate Your Outreach

Participants must answer a brief survey about the engagement before directing the donation. Receive the response data at both an aggregate and individual level. Have confidence your campaign and messaging is getting through to your audience.

Management Team


Joseph Grace

​Joe ​is the founder and CEO. He is the founder, CEO, and President of Good Works Communications. Previously, he co-founded the healthcare market research firm MDRxFinancial.

Zypti Vintage Ethan

Ethan Galant

​Ethan ​is Chief Technology Officer. He is the Program & Design Director for Good Works Communications. In 2001 he co-founded and was president of SSI Digital.