Marketing Outreach Initiatives

Purpose Driven Engagement

Turn Any Outreach Initiative Into a Cause Marketing Campaign


Direct Marketing

Personalized direct marketing tactics are a great way to increase sales and historically have had a strong ROI. Zypti increases personalization of DM campaigns with our platforms ability to support causes that are important to each individual member of your audience. Zypti works with any size campaign or any DM initiatives. Whether it’s direct mail with Zypti QR codes, email or Instagram Direct to reach your target audiences, we have award winning engagement to give your campaigns a boost.

Lead Generation

Incentivize leads, prospects, employees, customers, and clients to engage directly with you or your content for their favorite charity.

Email Marketing

15% engagement rate on email campaigns and a 97% completion rate of started programs, content and survey.

Click here to see some direct marketing examples.

Convention & Webinars

Live Events

In the post pandemic world of live events demand for both in-person as well as digital access to conferences and exhibits will continue to increase. Zypti incentivizes engagement in the new hybrid model of live and virtual conferences just as easily. Whether it is driving traffic to your booth or a virtual product theater, Zypti has a solution for you.

Convention Marketing

  • Increase booth attendance
  • Maximize engagement with content
  • 2,600% increase in engagement of content at a booth

Live Webinars

Incentivize registration for and attendance in webinars and online conferences

  • 43% increase in event registration
  • 53% increase in participation

Zypti Reviews

Customer Experience

Never let a marketing opportunity go to waste, especially one for a good cause. View every customer touchpoint as an opportunity to reinforce your cause marketing message. Speaking of waste, use Zypti to ensure your target audience is actually a live person reviewing and interacting with your content.

Product & Business Reviews

Promote positive reviews as well as conflict free incentives to leave a review

  • 95% of participants rank their experience with us as good to excellent with 55% ranking it as excellent.
  • 82% of consumers do read reviews before making a purchase decision

​​Click Fraud Deterrence

Confirm your content is being viewed by your target audience

  • An estimated 95 million Instagram accounts and 270 million Facebook accounts are thought to be either bots or fake profiles.
  • The total cost of ad fraud in 2022 –  $81 billion, is predicted to increase to $100 billion by 2023


Data Driven Engagement

Boring, tedious, chance to win a gift card etc are a few words that come to mind when we see survey requests. Maybe that is why we have such high completion rates when it comes to surveys. Engaging with a cause and recognizing the value in your customers, employees, or focus group’s time is why it works. If you are experiencing low completion rates seek immediate assistance at Zypti.

Market Research

Industry leading and award wining platform with conflict free incentivization for participating in and completion of surveys.

  • 97% completion rate of a started survey
  • 27% participation rate vs. 7% for competitors

Employee Engagement

Increase response rates, build trust and guarantee response anonymity with your employees.

Also, talk to us about how to utilize existing funds in your employee matching gift programs